What is a Healthy Eating Plan? Healthy Eating Made Simple!

You hear about healthy eating everywhere you turn these days. The trend is to move away from fad diets and the endless array of products designed to shed the pounds on your body. He is turning more and more to a healthy diet that arms the body against disease and obesity. Yet, many people still ask the big question: what is a healthy diet?

It’s one thing to realize that you need to eat healthy for your health or for a weight problem (or both), but it’s another thing to really understand what a healthy diet looks like.

For example, is frozen or canned fruit okay or do you need to be completely fresh? Is there really something special about organic products that justifies the much higher price? Should you count calories or watch your portions if you all eat healthy foods?

Obviously, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to healthy eating. Let’s take a look at the basics of healthy eating to get a better idea of what you should be eating.

The basis of any healthy diet will be a lot of vegetables and fruits. Your body will get most of its vitamins and minerals from it, as well as essential fiber. Fresh is the best and organic is even better, but you can save considerable costs by using frozen fruits and vegetables that aren’t coated in sugar, syrup, or high-fat sauces.

Lean meats and other protein foods like tofu and beans are also part of a healthy diet. You just don’t need as much meat as most people assume.

Carbohydrates should never be left out. Just go for 100% whole grain and limit it to smaller portions at each meal.

The last requirement is healthy fats. Opt for olive oil sprays and controlled portions of nuts over fried foods or vegetable oils.

Basically, a healthy diet is one that is balanced with a variety of foods that are not heavily processed.