Running to Lose Weight

So you want to start running. Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and get in shape. Running will build your core strength, increase your stamina, and give you more energy. Regular running can change your life.

To start running, you need to know some of the key aspects of running. You will need the running equipment, to design a running plan and to adjust your diet.

As they say, running is the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other. It’s something that we humans evolved to be good at. Our bodies are designed to run. Our ability to sweat, coupled with our balanced torso and head, gives us a distinct advantage over other animals in long distance running.

I was like you, when I started running I was running half a block and was completely out of breath and had a terribly crippling point. I was surprised how quickly this changed with regular practice. I was able to measure the improvement in the first week. After about 2 weeks of running steadily I was able to run 1 km before having to stop to catch my breath. After running for a few more weeks the heavy breathing and heart racing stopped being a problem, I was able to jog and carry on a conversation (and I thought those runners were just trying to show off!) I would run up to the point. ‘that my legs start to hurt. with fatigue.

During this process, I became interested in eating habits. It’s hard not to do that, when you think about the race you are planning to do later in the day. I cut down on my sugars and carbs and started drinking protein shakes. I lost 10 pounds.
So whether you want to lose weight, gain energy, or achieve a specific race goal. You have to start your training somewhere. Here are my suggestions for getting started.

Get information Subscribe to a current magazine. The fact that the material appears regularly throughout the year will continue to concern you, so it will be more difficult to move on and forget to exercise. These magazines contain great information on the different running techniques to try, equipment reviews and general expert tips and tricks on how to make running more enjoyable. Personally, I recommend and subscribe to “Runners World”.

In addition to a magazine subscription, you should consider purchasing a book or two on the subject. There are tons of things to know. Everything from proper breathing and posture to designing proper training schedules for managing injuries. Check out or your local bookstore for suggestions.

Running Gear The only thing you really need is a good pair of running shoes. Take the time to find a pair that looks really good on you. I suggest going to a specialty running store as they will know what type of shoe will work best for you. A pair of shoes will last approximately 800 to 1,000 miles of running. It is not the piece of equipment that you want to buy on the cheap.

Other things that will make running more enjoyable include double-layered sports hats, running shorts or tights (yes even I wear tights), a running jacket, gloves and a beanie to run in bad weather. Fresher.

The real secret of the decade of training has been the heart rate monitor. This device can accurately measure your heart rate while you are running. Your heart rate is a very good indication of how hard you are exerting. By monitoring it closely, you can stay in the most effective “zone”. For example, I know that once my heart rate goes over 180 bpm, I will start to breathe harder and need to slow down or stop quickly. By keeping my heart rate closer to 160 bpm, I know I can run farther and burn more calories.