How to Save Money and Get Discount Health Insurance in New Hampshire

Unless you are able to purchase group health insurance at your workplace, it is doubtful whether or not you can afford individual health insurance. Individual health insurance is quickly becoming too expensive for everyone except the wealthy. In fact, according to recent government figures, nearly 17% of all New Hampshire residents cannot afford any form of health care, and nearly half of those who can report that they pay their health insurance premiums. is a major financial difficulty.

It won’t take much to push many more people out of the insured ranks.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your healthcare more affordable.

Start with your own personal habits. Smoking or using tobacco products increases your health insurance premium by 30% to 50% in some cases. Let this be the final straw and make the decision once and for all to quit smoking.

Being overweight also increases your health risks and therefore increases your health insurance premiums. Losing weight can be more difficult than quitting smoking, but for your health and your wallet, it’s something you need to take seriously and do something about it.

It is also possible to make some changes to your plan itself in order to lower the cost of your monthly premium. If possible, increase the percentage of your co-pay. If you increase the amount you’re willing to pay for each visit to the doctor, for example, your monthly premium could drop – sometimes dramatically.

But something more drastic may be needed. As the cost of health care continues to rise and the number of employers offering group health care continues to decline, more and more people will be forced to think of health insurance entirely. new.

In the past, health insurance was viewed as something that paid for or helped pay for routine daily doctor visits, outpatient procedures, lab work, etc. You may have had a small deductible and / or copayment, but your insurance paid for almost everything.

Those days could be a thing of the past for many people looking for health insurance today. The new reality for many is that health insurance is a safety net, something that is behind the scenes to protect your savings, your home, and your other assets.

If you don’t have health insurance and you or a family member suffers a catastrophic accident or serious illness, your lifetime savings and even your home could be taken away from you in almost no time. ‘it didn’t take you to read this article.

That’s why it’s essential that everyone have some form of health insurance – and if you can’t afford a traditional health policy, then maybe it’s time to consider a health insurance policy. very high deductible.

Health insurance policies with deductibles of $ 2,000 or even $ 3,000 are relatively affordable. The trick is that these policies won’t pay for routine doctor visits, routine lab work, or even most outpatient procedures. Most years, you will end up paying 100% of all your medical bills.

Where this insurance pays off is in the event of an unforeseen critical illness or accident that leaves you in the hospital for weeks at a time. In such a case, you are only responsible for paying your policy’s deductible – once it’s paid, your insurance pays for everything else, putting a safety net on your home, savings, and everything else. other assets you may have.

But whether or not you go for a very high deductible or a lower deductible or just increase your co-pay, if you really want to save money and get discount health insurance in New Hampshire, you have to jump online. and compare policies and prices. at least two (and preferably three) different websites that allow direct comparison of policies and prices between various insurance companies.

Take your time and do it well. Compare on at least two different sites. The time and effort you put into this task today will pay off for years to come by lowering monthly health care premiums.