Kids’ Healthy Recipes – What Goes Into Them?

Well, you have decided that your kids will eat healthier.

But with so many “experts” and reports on hand, what is truly healthy food? There is so much conflicting advice, it’s hard to know where to begin. Use this simple guide to get you on the right track.

How many experts are all over the network and with so many reports, diets and everything else, what exactly constitutes “healthy baby recipes”, let’s take a look:

Healthy recipes for children contain milk and dairy products

Every meal should contain milk and / or some other dairy product. They contain nutrients that are essential for body growth that you cannot get in other things. One word about switching from whole milk (which has a higher percentage of fat) to less fat milk (like 1-2% or skimmed milk, God forbid), do it fairly slowly as you will spend better time using your kids to This is easier than just cutting all the fat all of a sudden at once!

Healthy recipes for children contain fruits and vegetables

Most salads will tell you that 5 portions of this amount per day is roughly fine. What is a part? Some of this would be easy, some of it really, well appreciated:

1. Apple: 1 part
2. Bananas: the same!
3. Vegetables: Depends on age. I recommend a full glass cup.
4. You don’t have the same thing every day!

Meat and fish and their substitutes, yes, they are in a healthy diet for children

The above items have protein in them. These are all important! You will need to check the fat content and consider eliminating it, especially if you are frying these items. If you are considering low-carb diets for meals of choice, these items will form a greater part of your kids’ menu.

Bread, cereals and potatoes

In fact, most of these are healthy. The biggest problem with this is the quantity. 3 – 5 servings per day are good with these. If you can be sure it’s a whole grain, that is much better. Potato skin is much better in terms of vitamins than potato meat!

The rule for this is the same as for everything else: the less, the better!

Sugar: reduce this as much as possible: try honey!

Read the labels on all of the foods with packaging: Learn some of these $ 5 long words and what they do for you and your family!

Trans fats are better for your kids than trans fats, so target this trend if possible and consider this: Since margarine is more processed than real butter, you might consider offering a bit less real butter (than you usually do margarine) for your kids’ healthy recipes!

Feeding our children healthy and balanced meals should be a concern of all of us. There is a lot of information here to keep us well informed of what should be one of the most important jobs we have: looking after our children.

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