For Women – How to Buy Health Insurance When You’re Between Jobs – Without Losing Your Skirt

As a woman I worry about not having health insurance, have you been worried too? I can use a computer so I was able to view health insurance quotes online on the Internet. I filled out a few forms but it was difficult to choose the right one for me, there was too much to choose from! So why was I looking for health insurance quotes online? I was recently laid off, my boss said “he hated letting me go” but he had to fire people and since I was the last hired … well you know how it goes. I discovered that I couldn’t afford the Cobra plan to continue my group health insurance, no question of $ 585.00 per month! I was shocked to find out how much my business had paid for my individual health insurance. I guess a person doesn’t really appreciate some things until they’re gone … like boyfriends, a good job and oh, a flattering hairstyle!

My biggest concern with online health insurance shopping was how could a woman know if the health insurance quote you are getting is a good deal? I mean, we know if a handbag is a good deal or a business suit for work or a gift that we buy on eBay, but health insurance? In addition, I feel uncomfortable with insurance salespeople; I don’t like having to decide to buy something now. So if you are like me you can understand how we don’t like to be pushed into a sale or “sold”. Why? Have you ever been to a mall and a saleswoman greeted you warmly smiling at you so much, she looks like her face hurts? Then she follows you around the store and won’t leave you alone for shopping? I, I hate it, bet you too and we can’t wait to get away from her, right? So I have the same feeling about insurance, especially health insurance sellers.

So here I am unemployed, with only unemployment benefits and I need really cheap health insurance. I had a really bad fear recently. A longtime and close friend didn’t have health insurance at the small business she worked for and got stuck with a huge medical bill! I’m not going to tell you what she had, just that she is recovering and will be back to work soon. But her pension fund will run out when she pays this huge medical bill. His retirement account will be almost empty! It’s so terrible, she worked so hard and now this!

I had randomly thought of not having health insurance for a while, until I got a new job … But after what happened to my good friend, I can’t risk it . I am much older than her and I do not want to be the victim of a health disaster. Now I am scared and I do not feel safe without some sort of health insurance. Again, I went on the internet looking for a decent website that could give me a cheap health insurance plan. I was afraid to wait and wanted a short term health insurance plan to calm me down and protect myself until I got a good job with a group health insurance plan. I warmed up my Mac computer, logged on to the Internet, and went looking for a “good cheap, low premium monthly health plan.” One that I could afford without losing my skirt!

I had bookmarked a few websites before to come back to, so I went to these first. But I was getting frustrated with slow loading insurance sites; you know the ones i mean. You can go get a soda and check your mail while they are loading! Anyway, after searching and getting frustrated filling out forms that didn’t send my information, I finally found a few good ones to submit my information and get a good quote. A high quality site is usually easy to find the information you want. After browsing the sites, I found information on the different types of insurance and health insurance providers. Things a woman needs to know to make a smart decision about purchasing health insurance. Online websites covered all kinds of things you would want to read about like HMO, PPO, health saving plans. While researching the sites, I noticed that there were many different insurers! It made me feel like I needed help because there were so many good providers.

Great now I was ready to check out their privacy policy and it looked good and safe too. When I was browsing I found that many sites covered all 50 states. I looked at the Health Insurance page for quotes and followed their simple instructions on “How to Get Your Health Insurance Quote Fast”. I clicked in the area of the form that said, “Fill in your zip code” and filled it out. I filled in my personal information and clicked on the Submit button. I received confirmation of personal information and they would contact me immediately with more information on my health insurance quotes.

I was happy to find that the agents were easy to manage. They really wanted to help. It made me feel good and like I was being well taken care of. No pressure, just great advice and easy-to-understand answers to my not-so-smart insurance questions. I felt great and really took my time, I was even able to buy my policy online! So after paying my health insurance this month, how much money do I have left … or how long is my skirt?

Well, a little higher than just above the knee, I really hope to be in fashion again! But you know what? I feel good about my short term health insurance. It will work for me to calm me down and keep me safe until I find a good job with health insurance. I know my retirement money is safe and won’t be taken from me because I got stuck with no health insurance. I love to take care of myself and hope you will too. So if you are female and need health insurance take care of yourself. Be careful, just click on the link and “fill in your zip code”. Well here are your beautiful legs you will need it because your skirt is a little shorter!