Kids’ Healthy Habits

Every parent wants healthy children, which parent doesn’t? From the moment of conception, most mothers simply pray for a healthy, normal baby. It is quite easy to keep babies healthy. We choose what they eat and we can keep them active. The challenge begins when they get old enough to walk on their own, talk, and make decisions. Developing healthy habits for kids is a challenge that many parents face every day, here are some great tips to keep your kids healthy in every way!

Start young

Habits are formed when you are young. Watch what you do every day, chances are you can identify something that you have been doing for years! These habits probably started when you were a kid. It will be the same for you children. Anything that suits them during their youth becomes a habit. The important thing as a parent is to shape healthy habits. Start as soon as they start showing signs of independence and try to shape their habits until they are thirteen or fourteen. If you can have habits that last from when they are toddlers to when they are pre-teens, chances are they will carry them on into adulthood.

Stay clean!

One way to make sure your kids stay healthy and disease free is to make sure they stay clean. Make sure they have a habit of bathing at least once a day, brushing their teeth twice a day, washing their hands before and after each meal, and after handling money. Keeping your kids clean is a good way to fight germs. Don’t put your kids in a bubble, however. It’s okay to play in the mud once in a while, as long as they take a good bath afterwards.

Stay active!

Encourage your children to play sports and take time to play with them. Children have a lot of energy and they need to exercise these muscles to become strong. As an adult, you need about half an hour of exercise per day. If you can spend that half an hour playing and running with your kids, you kill two birds with one stone. It’s also a great way to bond with your kids. Most children whose parents have played with them and spent time with them regularly are less likely to become problematic teens. So, play sports with your kids to make sure their bodies stay in shape and to ensure a great relationship between the two of you.

Develop their brain power

Have your children read books, do puzzles, play chess, and other brain-stimulating activities. These can be after dinner activities for your children. Exercising their brains is just as important as exercising their bodies, and brain development supports health. So make these activities frequent.

Eat within limits

Last but not least, watch what your children are eating. The quality and quantity of food your child eats is very important. Follow the recommended servings for foods and make sure all five food groups are well represented in your child’s diet. Making sure he eats healthy is one of the best ways to ensure that your child is healthy. Plus, if you can encourage healthy eating and keep them going until they grow up to be teens and young adults, you dramatically reduce your child’s risk of a myriad of diseases!

Healthy habits in children can be difficult to develop, but any dedicated parent can find it easy once they get the ball rolling. Get your kids to adopt healthy habits today, you will never regret it!