Hobbies or Leisure and How Use to It

Everyone wants to spend their free time after their day’s work. Life in modern times is very crowded. Everyone is involved in one problem or another, they feel anxious and uncomfortable. He still feels a load of work in his mind. His tired body needs rest and relaxation, so every worker has a weekly vacation. The point is to relax tired nerves, because everyone has their own way of relaxing. Activities that we do in our free time are called hobbies. We can divide the verb wish for relaxation into two groups, healthy activities and unhealthy activities.

Healthy activities include several things. There are people who participate in games and sports to calm their nerves and enjoy the games. Games make her active and intelligent. They keep them from getting fat. They prepare them to do the next day’s work with pleasure and joy. At the same time, games and sports leave a good effect on their personality. Games and sports can be divided into two groups, outdoor games and indoor games.

Outdoor games are especially useful for developing a man’s mind and body. Outdoor games include swimming, cricket, soccer and hockey. These are people’s favorite games. He is seen and observed with great interest. People spend their free time in indoor activities. They read books and like to read TV books which have a good time. It expands our mind and expands our knowledge.

Sitting in front of the television is also a healthy activity. We see a lot of interesting programs on TV and they are enlightened. These healthy activities are very beneficial for the human spirit.

There are people who spend their free time in unhealthy activities. And when they are tired, they resort to alcohol and gambling. Drinking wine can relieve them of their depression for a while, but it has an unpleasant effect. Drinking has ruined many families. This social evil is the enemy of human health, wealth and reputation. Gambling also has its drawbacks. Gambling is a waste of time and money. A player and a drunkard cannot have a happy home.

There are people who spend their free time reading vulgar books and watching dirty movies on cellphones, computers and DVDs. These are unhealthy activities. They leave a negative impact on our body, mind and personality. They arouse in us feelings of love, violence and romance. No one can defend these two activities. There are people who participate in horse races. Horse racing is a type of game. It is a waste of time and money. Riders cannot do anything other than horse racing. They are deeply absorbed in this activity. And their lot is miserable.

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