The Significance of Jerseys in Football

What is a sport without its colorful jerseys? Not only do they add to the glamor quotient of the sport, but in many ways emerge as the true identity of a team. One of those sports that simply cannot be without jerseys is soccer. The concept of jerseys gained popularity with the rise of soccer or football as a global sport and now jerseys are synonymous with soccer. Think about football shirts and you remember the English Premier League. Much like the EPL, its jerseys are popular around the world.

Shirts from clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are all the rage among young people. A walk into the past and the vivid image of Pelé and Maradona donning the famous No.10 jersey comes to mind. Whenever you talk about Brazil, you think of their yellow shirts and blue shorts. Whenever we mention Argentine football, we invariably speak of the white and blue striped jersey. This is the importance of jerseys in football and in modern times jerseys have become extremely popular among football fans and fans.

But one look at the evolution of jerseys and you know the soccer jersey hasn’t always looked so stylish. The traditional soccer jersey was actually a far cry from the modern jersey. Countless heavy cotton long-sleeved t-shirts, knee-covering pants, ankle boots, shins worn outside of stockings were commonplace in the late 19th century. Yet to evolve as a global sport, football has become a sport of the rich and have-nots.

In the twentieth century, football was able to shed its image as a rich man’s sport. Football was slowly becoming a domestic sport and had struck a chord with young people. Soon changes followed and shorts literally revolutionized football attire. Much more comfortable than traditional long pants, the shorts looked cooler and definitely more stylish. In a short time, the long sleeve t-shirt was replaced by the half-sleeve jersey. Very sophisticated, very polished, the new football shirt has been numbered. Made from polyester mesh, the modern soccer jersey is eye-catching and at the same time, soft on the body.

Realizing the growing popularity of soccer jerseys among fans, iconic clubs like Real Madrid have released replica jerseys to the general public. It was an instant hit and inspired other clubs to release their respective lines. Since then, replica jerseys have remained extremely popular and still sell like hot cakes. Selling replica jerseys was a tactical move that enabled football clubs to earn significant income and also highlighted brand loyalty. Fans could now identify with their favorite clubs and teams and go out of their way to support them. Not only has the concept of replica jerseys been beneficial for clubs, it has also bridged the gap between teams and their fans.

Swimwear has always been the topic of discussion and it’s no surprise that they generate so much curiosity and buzz. International jerseys, club jerseys are in high demand and maybe now is the right time for jersey companies to take advantage of the FIFA World Cup.