The Joy of Collecting Recipes

Recipes are used to prepare that special dish for the first time, to enhance a meal you’ve had multiple times but now want to change up, or to simply add to a wonderful collection of future meal ideas.

A recipe can consist of just two ingredients or as many as you can’t even put them on your counter. It can be as simple as just stirring, or very complex, like dredge in flour, then dip in a beaten egg, then top with breadcrumbs, fry quickly and finally cook the port chop. Yes, for a simple port chop. But often, you’ll find that the more effort you put into preparing the meal, the better it ultimately tastes.

Most cooks have several very important ingredients that are put into almost every dinner recipe they prepare. These can be onions and garlic. Or maybe herbs like thyme and basil, or a combination of Italian seasonings. This same cook may also have ingredients in the cupboard that he or she bought for a special meal on one occasion, and has been sitting in that cupboard ever since. It could be liquid smoke or fenugreek.

Perhaps the greatest experiences with recipes are from other countries. You can try something Greek, like moussaka, or Italian, like lasagna, or Indian, like lamb korma, or Mexican, like carne asada tacos.

You will find that the main difference between different countries from different countries is in the spices they use. In Greece, they use a lot of cinnamon in their meat to sweeten it. Italians love the spicy tomato sauce with thyme, basil, thyme and other spices. In India, the use of turmeric, cumin and coriander goes a long way. Mexicans use a lot of cayenne pepper and chili powder. And the list continues.

You will find that the joy of collecting recipes will easily take over your book shelves. You will have cookbooks on fish, steak, potatoes, desserts, casseroles, meatless meals, poultry, pancakes, Christmas and wok cooking, to name a few. some. Then there are the recipe magazines that will overwhelm you. And don’t forget the recipes you cut out of the newspaper because you know you are going to try them someday.

You can come across collections in thrift stores. These come from clubs that people were members of and received them every month and put them in binders. Or you will come across other types of collections that look like a set of encyclopedias. There are annual collection cookbooks for the year. And you wouldn’t want to ignore some of those really old cookbooks. They usually have some really good classic formulas that you thought you’d never find. Then there’s the kind of collection that can drive a cook crazy, when he puts them all in the index box. The best thing about these 4 x 6 inch cards is that you don’t have to worry about a book closing over you while cooking.

Yes, you can collect recipes all your life, fill an entire room with recipes. But the best cooks in the world don’t even use them.